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Team Development

Indivi. Excellence E

People with different know-how and different experiences working together do produce synergy-effects only in that extent their dynamic may admit. You can use this dynamic in a constructive way by leading it to the right pathway from the very beginning on. In any case you should choose this systematic approach, if

  • you are leading a new team.
  • your team was asssembled of people with different nationalities and backgrounds.
  • your team is becoming more and more a virtual one
  • something isn`t running right in your team.
  • there is (again) a collision between team A and B

……high time to think about your Team-EXCELLENCE and to define, where it is still functioning and which aspects have quickly to be redone

The Process
Questionnaire Team-Development
Interview with Team-Leader
Interview(s) with Team-Members

Feedback of Results
Definition of topics to work on


Monitoring for defined timeline

Team-EXCELLENCE gives a competitive edge!


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