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Your world as a manager is highly complex and sometimes you can`t see the woods for the trees. It would be so necessary to reduce complexity becoming able to handle difficult situations and to focus on results. Here an external sparring-partner might be helpful.

This sparring-partner can share your internal view and experience with his external ones to come back to a realistic assessment of your current situation and your professsional (as well as your personal) potential. This is a basic in your carreer development. Coaching can also make life easier when taking over a new function or structuring change management processes. Last but not least it supports the creation of solutions in problems or conflicts.

The Process

You (and your manager) define the target(s)
I cook it down to a solution-oriented version
You describe a picture of the target scenario
I concentrate on core issues/values
You give a description of your potential
I analyse known and hidden elements
We are planning concrete activities
You put them into practice
We evaluate progress, experience, results.

In a first conversation (free of charge) we will get to know each other, exchange expectations and wishes and create a first draft of targets. We will then make a contract on how to proceed.

With Personal EXCELLENCE you can serve as a role model; Operational-, Service- and Targeting EXCELLENCE make you credible as a manager.


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