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Interim Management

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Short- and mid-term there are often situations in companies needing external support to continue just started processes, to reach a certain goal within a short timeline or to make a certain know-how available right now. You all know the typical examples from daily life quite well:

  • Your recruiter isn`t available just the time, you need him most
  • You are looking for a successor, being not able/willing to communicate this inside your company
  • Your company is in set-up and line –managers need professional support/training in interviews
  • You want to place an advertisement without publishing your your company

  • HR-department has too less capacity available to start a personnel development project and you cannot/do not want to set up a new job
  • HR-department has too less know-how in tools of personnel development
  • You are looking for a professional training for your HR-department on-the-job/on-the-project

Our offer in interim-management exclusively relates to the qualitative aspects of recruitment & personnel development, not to administration.

Interim-Management ensures Process- und Result EXCELLENCE.


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