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HR Strategy

Organis. Excellence E

Do you really need it?
NO, if you are „only“ administrating your personnel, outsourcing is the best choice.
YES, if you want to achieve an added value for your company, your employees and HR itself.
Business needs HR to the extent it makes relevant contributions to the company`s success. From a manager`s perspective , this is just the main aspect. A lot of HR departments are not seen to be able to deliver just in this main aspect, whereas they are responsible for the most valuable and sensitive good of the company: the employees. HR is only able to give a proof of this contribution to company success by developing a HR-Strategy as a derivative of the company strategy (or Marketing-& Sales Strategy), committed with management and based on transparent and stringent processes.
Practicable tools guarantee the desired results.

If HR shows Operational & Process EXCELLENCE,
they really contribute to Trust and a Value-based Culture of EXCELLENCE!

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