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Conflict Resolution

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Conflicts – do they kill energy or offer potential for innovation?
Conflicts belong in our daily life - in the private as well as the in the professional. Especially as a manager, you are often confronted with conflicts. They do not only bear risks, but also offer many chances. Being emotionally involved or threatened, we cannot see the chances anymore and waste a lot of resources. We only can gain new perspectives and degrees of freedom by

  • unburdening the people involved
  • identifying the core conflict
  • accepting creative solutions
  • choosing to take the „high road“

The Process: Creative Conflict Resolution in 7 Steps

  • Formulation of each disturbance as an I-Message (I feel disturbed by….)
  • Identification of main disturbances
  • Transfer of disturbance into wish
  • Formulation of different possibilities of realisation for each wish
  • Evaluation of solutions and decision for one
  • Walk the high road in practice (and ask for support, if necessary)
  • Enjoy success, celebrate the benefit and use it in the future

Because of high emotional involvement, external monitoring and process-controlling is needed to guarantee a strict, target-driven process and to ensure a sucessful result.

Conflict-resolution means Process-EXCELLENCE and rebuilds Targeting EXCELLENCE.


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